Roberta Flack, Donny Hathaway
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Vulfpeck (previously) was " a German version of the Funk Brothers – session musicians who performed most of the instrumentals on the 1960s Motown records [previously]. The idea was to channel that era of the live rhythm section."

On August 26th Vulfpeck released their fourth record, Fugue State (other three: Mit Peck, Vollmilch, My First Car).

Vocalist Antwaun Stanley tells the story in 1612.
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Needs more hi hat.

Listened to some of the other tracks linked, though, and was glad to find that actual drums are in use. These guys are performing a noble public service, and I commend them.
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The "previously" is tltiled "Imagine the Ramones led by John Cage and managed by Andy Warhol" - so, the Velvet Underground then?
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Thanks for the post, and man do I LOVE these guys since I heard them on an episode of WeFunk Radio (which probably deserves a post of its own when I can get to it) a few years back.

I also love how they leave interesting studio background noise in the back of some of their tracks. This is an extreme example but there's a lot more subtle ones...
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Donny Hathaway

Und zhen ve have Maude
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It's so weird how really, really good they are.
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