January 28, 2002
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News actuality from September 11th, 2001, from the Television Archive. Live coverage includes programming from ABC, BBC, CBC Newsworld, NBC, NTV Moscow, and China Central Television.
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My God...what a weird and horrible flashback. Thanks for the link; I've been looking for something like this since then. I wish I had taped the channels I watched on 9/11. I saved the NY Times and SF Chron from the next day, but to re-view the news as it happened is amazing. Also interesting to re-visit is the original MeFi WTC thread.
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Site is hammered, will be interesting once it calms down though. Thanks for the link.
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Useful, but almost certainly a double-post (not that I care as much as some)
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"Jay Jay the Jet Plane" was playing at 9am on PBS. That's a mildly disturbing coincidence.

I'd like to give this thing a try, but it's giving me errors saying I don't have the right ActiveX viewer for qti files. I reinstalled QuickTime just to be sure. Does this only work for the Pro version? That would suck.
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Great link, though it's made me realise I'm not any closer to being able to watch footage of that day without getting a serious case of the creeps. I made it about 2 minutes into the CBC coverage before I had to shut RealPlayer down.

Will definitely keep it bookmarked for when I feel ready, however. Thanks.
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Requires cookies to track my activity. Sorry, no thanks.
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Fleener, I think you have your conspiracies mixed up.

Amazing link, I'm glad they're using Quicktime although I wish they weren't streaming. This stuff seems important enough that it should be duplicated constantly, streaming prevents that. When history and copyright collide, copyright should just generally shut the hell up and get out of the way.

This also reminded me I still can't shake the quantity of sky I saw around those buildings that morning. I imagine people living through a flood have similar experiences, disasters without framing, experience without edges.
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Heh, fleener. You don't condescend to visit any site with cookies? You're missin' out. Cookies are harmless; what do you think MetaFilter uses to keep you logged in?
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Thanks for the post on the link. Its creepy to watch the coverage when you know that other significant events have yet to occur. Im sure that the footage will be very instrumental in media studies.
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It was especially surprising to hear the newscaster on the New York affiliate that CNN kept patching through. When he realized a second plane had hit, he said: "One has to wonder if there hasn't been some kind of terrible error in the navigational system." People just couldn't conceive of it at first; they reached for anything at all to believe.

These were very scary viewing. They took me right back. Only this time, I could leave.
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These were very scary viewing. They took me right back.

Yeah, absolutely. I never before noticed the wee bit (and I do mean wee bit) of nervousness in (typically unflappable) Peter Jennings' voice, since I was totally on edge myself as I watched/listened to it live.

As the video showed the first tower beginning to fall, obscured as it was by so much smoke and dust, he asked his on-scene reporters several times, "what do we have there?" -- he didn't instantly assume the building was falling, because that was just so unfathomable. And then, after the reporter confirmed that the tower had indeed fallen, Jennings was still (understandably) skeptical: "The top of the tower has collapsed? The side of the tower's down?" "No, no -- the whole tower is down!"

Chilling and sobering. That link's a really valuable resource.
posted by verdezza at 9:29 PM on January 28, 2002

I clicked the link but couldn't handle actually clicking to watch the coverage again. I'm glad to have the resource but not ready for it yet. Weird how directly it affects us (me, whatever). I never knew i was this sensitive - but just seeing the time and date and schedule upset me.
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NPR's September 11 coverage is online as well.
posted by Tin Man at 2:28 PM on January 29, 2002

Yale Law School has a totally amazing set of every statement, speech, press release, and congressional action made related to the events of 9/11. Wonderful resource.
posted by evanizer at 11:52 PM on February 5, 2002

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