Kingdoms Lost
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Kingdoms Lost - a fantasy comic by Boulet [previously]
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Sure, sure, but anyone trying to convince themselves that they don't live in a dream world is just willfully ignorant of the limitations of the human brain.
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I don't throw terms like "master of the form" around lightly, really I don't, but I honestly can't think of a more apt thing to call Boulet. I am pretty much in awe of every aspect of every panel of all of his work I've seen.
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I love it. His men get some strange jawlines when stressed, but I kind of like that.
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I thought this was going to go in a "Blanche chooses Morglox over the Prince" direction and I'm glad it didn't. Nice panel with the two of them saying "she's mine" vs. "do what you want".
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Very enjoyable!
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Adding Boulet to my Facebook/RSS feeds is one of the nicer treats - he writes wonderful pages about small ordinary things and his working sketches and animation drafts are just so interesting to see behind the polished work - I'm gearing myself up to buy one of his actual books because just his shorts are so good already, and he has entire books!

He has a quirk I really appreciate too - when he has real life stories and a friend doesn't want to be pictured, he replaces them with an animated character in a way that's funny and respectful, not mean. His whole world feels so friendly and welcoming.
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I love boulet's work. While this is on a more personal level, and lacks the tragic impact of War of the Worlds, it's still quite beautiful.
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