In And Out Of Love
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Holly Johnson returns with a new album (his first in 15 years) later this month. In And Out Of Love is the second single from the album.

The first single Follow Your Heart also featured a remix by Frankie Knuckles, one of the final projects the house music master was involved with before his death earlier this year. [Soundcloud link includes single plus two b-sides]

The album also will feature title track Europa, which was created by Johnson and Vangelis back in 1990, and finally completed earlier this year.
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for some perspective on the AIDS crisis of the 1980s ... I remember Holly Johnson announcing that he was HIV and immediately having that all too familiar sadness kick through me. Another good and talented person condemned to a long, slow, horrible death.

But things had clearly changed. All hail medical science. The new music sounds fine, and gets me wondering why Americanos seems have been so forgotten. It was huge in Ireland in 1989 while I was traveling through.
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Good stuff! Good to see him back, he still has a great voice.
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I assumed he was dead.

I loved FGTH as a teen. what an album Welcome to.the Pleasure Dome is.
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Should I have mentioned Frankie Goes To Hollywood in the FPP? I was trying to give Johnson his own musical identity apart from that, but maybe this post would have been read more widely if I'd mentioned that.
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nah, I think any FGTH fan will have caught the Holly Johnson reference.

it's funny to me that you posted this now ... just the other day I was reminiscing and reading Wikipedia articles about four albums that defined a certain period in my teens, of which one was the first FGTH album. And I had to really think about that album and why it transfixed me so much.

there was an article maybe ten years ago about a band touring the southern US as FGTH, but Holly Johnson wasn't involved and the only arguable original member was a guy with a dubious claim to having been a session musician on one of their albums.

anyway ... interesting post!
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o/" "Cheeeeeesy... the lyrics are so eeeeeeeeasy. But they simply do not pllllllleeeeease me. Nasal and so very wheeeesssy.

Fraaaaannnkie.... you're sounding kinda waaaaanky. I think you dropped your haaaaankie. That domina can sppaaaaank me."

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I had forgotten this was coming out. I'm not a big fan of singles with 5000 remixes in most cases nowadays so I hadn't snapped up the single, but now I have it bookmarked and I'll be checking those links tomorrow.
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I, too, had assumed that he was dead and am glad to learn that I was mistaken.

WTTPD is an all-time great album. I'm sad that most people only know FGTH for "Relax" and "Two Tribes" and have never been given a chance to hear their cover of "Born to Run".
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nah, I think any FGTH fan will have caught the Holly Johnson reference.

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