January 29, 2002
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From March 17 through June 30, 2002, The Jewish Museum in New York will present "Mirroring Evil: Nazi Imagery/Recent Art". This exhibition features art of several young artists including this Lego concentration camp.
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For the record, Zbigniew Libera isn't what I would consider a "young" artist (he's older than I).

However, there's an interesting story here which discusses how his Lego piece came to be, and what he sees it as representing.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 1:07 PM on January 29, 2002

True that Legos aren't just for geeks.....I see them now as the new medium for the fine art of San Diego. And the obsessive compulsive.
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Zbigniew is an extremely intelligent and accomplished artist who I have known for many years. He knows exactly what he is doing -- and moreover, he is not a fascist, ideologue, or sympathizer as many would like to depict him.

At the great risk of being self-serving (apologies), you can see more of his work, and specifically some amazing black and white photographs, at MANOVERBOARD. These photos were taken during his stay in prison during some of the darkest days in Poland in the 80s.
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