The ten-year-old Eliot is fascinated with hobos
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Fireside, a Little Papre. By TS Eliot, aged ten.
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Eliot alternates serial cliffhangers (“Chap. II. It was all ready. It was a dark night, and everything was ready. To be continued”) with recipes for ice soup, turnip pie, “grisley steak,” “cheeze balls,” and “bilous bread.” Each issue is also punctuated by a theater column, which usually consists of a page empty except for the words “Theatre. Nothing good.” Another regular feature is the dedication, in one of the periodical’s rare attempts at cursive: “This Magazine (all) is dedicated to My Wife.” (A later issue reminds us, “Remember, to my Wife!”)
Oh my lord, lil' T.S. Eliot was straight-up Philippe from Achewood (with a touch of Hilton Als.)
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Also, more than fifty years later Eliot wrote "A Dedication to my Wife", which is wonderful.
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MOM: "What is this?"
T.S. ELIOT: "It's my first publication!"
MOM: "Doing chores is the cruellest month. Eating my vegetables is the cruellest month. Going to bed without dinner is the cruellest month. Wearing pants is the cruellest month. Ugh...why must everything with you be so difficult!?!"
T.S. ELIOT: *mumbles while writing on a notepad* "My mom is the cruellest month."
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My wife!
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I would like to subscribe to this newsletter.

(Horace, any way for non-Harvard people to see the full digitized zine?)
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Do I dare explode the tea?
I shall wear white flannel trousers, and meet with Bloomsbury.
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Eliot and Hobbes.
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