Charlie and the Zuckerlwerkstatt
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Watch Christian and Maria make candy

During their stay in Amsterdam, Christian Mayer and Maria Scholz discovered an artisanal candy shop - and were mesmerized. They abandoned their previous jobs (in a law firm and on stage, as a singer) in order to learn from a German manufacturer how to make traditional boiled sweets. German language article. Now they own a tiny sweet shop in the center of Vienna that invites customers to watch how candy is made, and to offer their own designs.
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Is this why doc hammer isn't working on Venture Brothers now right now? That's what my eyes are telling me.
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I never tire of watching professionals make candy. (One of my favorite things to do at Disneyland is visit the candy shop on Main Street and press my nose to the glass.)
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I'm going away, I'm leaving today
I'm going, and I ain't coming back
--Dark Hollow, Bill Browning
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So lovely and relaxing to watch. Same process as building and reducing polymer clay canes, only much tastier.
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To me this looks a lot like some glass making techniques I've seen. But with a much tastier result.
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