RIP Loukanikos
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A farewell to paws. "The beloved Greek riot dog is dead – and so is his revolution." [Previously]
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RIP, Louk. Sorry that was your experience. You were a good boy.
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my free-to-Metafilterites idea of the day: Louki and his predecessor Kanelo would make an excellent subject for a semi-fictional graphic novel. Please make this and then I would buy it.

Yes please. I have never given a cent to any kickstarter-type thing, but for this I would open my wallet.
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Good dog. Gooooood boy.
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The best sausage dog....
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It’s hard not to take Loukanikos’ death as a metaphor for the end of Greece’s once revolutionary fervor and the people’s downtrodden acceptance of the status quo. Even the once radical Syriza seems to be watering down its positions, adopting a more centrist approach toward the euro and the European Union. The pressure needed to keep politicians in line is absent. There is no one barking threateningly at their feet; there is no one bounding alongside protesters, supporting them and lifting their spirits through the tear gas and noise and upheaval.

I fear that Loukanikos, unlike Kanelos, won’t have an heir. Today dissent is virtually absent in these parts. The time of rebels seems to have passed, and with it, a real character and an integral part of Athens’ spirit is gone forever. If you were out in the Syntagma occupation or followed Occupy Wall Street or walked the streets of Madrid, Cairo or Istanbul, you must be able to sense that today the world is a little less bright than it was just a few years ago, when everything seemed possible.

So goodbye, Loukanikos. May you bite cops in the riotous heavens forever.
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Vaguely related: Greek prosecutor orders all Golden Dawn MPs to face trial
In a decision that could mark the end of Europe’s most violent neo-Nazi force, a Greek public prosecutor on Thursday demanded that Golden Dawn’s entire parliamentary group stand trial for criminal offences.

The order, outlined in a 700-page argument by state prosecutor Isidoros Doyiakos, said that more than 50 leading party cadres should also be tried for using the far-right group as a political front to pursue a litany of illegal activities.

“This is an extremely important development and no time should now be wasted in holding this trial and putting these criminals away for life,” said Petros Constantinou, a prominent member of the anti-fascist Antarsya whose supporters have been widely targeted by the extremists. “Their murderous tactics have been tolerated for far too long.”
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I am not watching that video. Holy fuck.

That's basically serial-killer-in-waiting type behavior. I really hope there are consequences for that officer, and I doubt there will be.
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I avoided watching it myself. I've also avoided watching American television shows that romanticize the reasons guys go into law enforcement.
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Loukanikos tribute graffiti (article in Greek, lots of photos).
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