I went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees...
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Whether you are a scholar looking for more knowledge and pleasure in life, a bluesman looking for more talent and success, or a 4th grade boy looking to make a quick buck, perhaps the time is right to leverage that one thing for which there was previously no market? The soultradingcompany.com is here to help!
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Does it have Farmville?
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Yes, Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil and The CIA blew up the World Trade Center. Two stories equally as likely.
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I've been watching this documentary on The CW that leads me to believe that this is a really bad idea.
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But do they support Bitcoin?
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I'll sell you my soul. I'll also sell you my chi, my chakra, my mojo, my groove, my luck... oh hell I dunno, what other made other made up bullshit is there I can sell? Just start writing checks and I'll fill 'em in.
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The list of souls for sale is fun, and a bit depressing if you think any of these people actually believe this.
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Yeah, I started out laughing at the list of souls for sale, but by the time I was halfway down the first page, I felt deeply uncomfortable.

I was also struck by the number of people offering to sell their soul in order to help other people out. I cannot recall enough from folklore, mythology, and fables to understand whether such offers have been made before, but it was a little heart-breaking to read so many apparently made in earnest here.
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What would be more interesting would to be able to see who has already made their deal. Just guessing, off the top of my head;
Michael Jackson
Victoria Jackson
Justin Beiber
Rick Santorum
Brett Easton Ellis
Jeff Bezos
Noam Chomsky
Michael Bloomberg
Pope Benedict XVI
Sarah Palin

This is fun! Try it yourself!
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The guy Dick Cheney shot in the face.
Bob Dylan (but he forgot to ask for singing ability)
Billy Ray Cyrus
Rob Schneider
Cardinal Bernard Law
Joe Biden
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Whoever's behind this couldn't possibly be any worse than my student loan administrator.
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(considering registering sockpuppet accounts just to favorite Slarty several more times)
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Charlie Parker definitely got paid
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In an Internet full of depressing sites, that is the one that is very, very depressing.
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I've been watching this documentary on The CW that leads me to believe that this is a really bad idea

This does smack of Crowley and his knack for adapting to new technology.
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I'd kind of like to see something on a similar theme that asks people to anonymously submit anecdotes from times in their lives they've felt they were economically pressured or coerced to compromise on their personal values or ethics. Sort of a crowd-sourced index of examples of all the little prosaic ways we're all forced to sell little pieces of our souls to satisfy economic exigencies.
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