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While volunteering for the Peace Corps in Ukraine in 2010, I contracted a severe version of drug-resistant tuberculosis. Two years of painful, isolating treatment taught me the vital role social media may play in finally eradicating this disease.

Inconspicuous Consumption, a longform autobiographical essay.
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That was a good read. My only quibble is the introduction - having webcam sex - is never resolved. I have the feeling it was used as a device to get the reader's attention, which is fair enough. But it gets left behind and is sort of incongruous.

Great writing, though. Good for her.
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I wish she'd delved into the social media aspects more, as well; if the hook is social media, a more comprehensive discussion might have been justified.

It was really interesting, though. And horrifying.
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Bravo to whoever wrote that title/headline.
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that was amazing.
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