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Playboy models from Miss March 1954 to Miss January 1979 on meeting the male gaze then—and now. (NSFW!) "There is, according to Playboy magazine’s official style guide, no such thing as a former Playmate."

At the invitation of New York magazine, Dolores Del Monte (Miss March 1954), Helena Antonaccio (Miss June 1969), Marilyn Cole Lownes (Miss January 1972), Janet Lupo (Miss November 1975), Laura Aldridge (Miss February 1976), and Candace Jordan (Miss December 1979) recount their experiences as Playboy centerfolds and bunnies, and have some new pictures taken. Aldridge recalls, "My ex-husband [Alan Aldridge, who did graphic design for the Beatles] might be the only person who didn’t think Playboy was cool. He thought Hugh Hefner exploited women." (NSFW.)
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Props to Helena Antonaccio for being able to do the splits like that. I couldn't do that in my youth, let alone now.
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Marilyn Lownes is a vampire, i think. Did she even age? It seriously looks like the difference between the before and after could be film/digital, and that the "original" could have been some pretentious film-only studios shots from last week.

She's the real version of Famke Janssen's character from Hemlock Grove.
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Oh yes, Dolores' eyebrow FTW.
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There's so much confidence in their gazes, esp. compared to the original centerfold photos. Like Ms. Cole Lownes says, “You look into the eyes of the model, and you realize she doesn't know what she knows now.”
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"I love being a woman, I really love it, you know. I think I would be just so horrified if I ever woke up as a man."

- Helena Antonaccio (@ 0:28 of embedded video in OP's link)
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All I can hear in my head is Yoda: "When reach 60 years old, look as good you will not, hmmm?"
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That Days Gone by Pinups tumblr, which links to Helena Antonaccio's pinup, is fascinating, especially the pubic hair styles. It looks like it was always full bush until around 2000, then they start getting more and more trimmed. I know that idea comes up every time pubic hair is mentioned, but it's interesting to see it, er, laid out like that.
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