Joni Mitchell in colour
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This isn’t the earliest TV footage that exists of Joni Mitchell, but it’s surely the earliest footage of her performing that’s in color. -- Joni Mitchell on Canadian television in 1966.
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Cool! If I had video skillz I'd so be editing in a cattle drive across stage in the "Shadows And Light" film.
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She's a national treasure; makes me wish I was Canadian.
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Neat! You have made my mother a very happy woman this morning.
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This is glorious! Thanks for sharing. National treasure indeed.
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Hehe, her wandering into that cattle drive really ups the ante for the "Lip-Sync For Your Life" challenge
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And here she is a year later with a two-week gig at the legendary Riverboat.
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Joni Anderson/Mitchell in 1965 and 1966 on Canadian TV - a compilation (includes cameos from Chapin brothers, Oscar Brand, Dave van Ronk).
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And there'll be cows and cows and cows
In the circle game
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Why didn't they let those poor cows stand and listen?
posted by Bee'sWing at 12:18 PM on October 30, 2014

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