Literature - good God y'all - what is it good for? Absolutely something.
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Cute. But nothing about literature as an alternative to psychoactive drug use?
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Literature is thus far the best scientific study of the human condition (Milan Kundera, paraphrased).
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Kind of the Martha Nussbaum view that through literature we refine our empathetic powers and expand our moral horizons...

The Solitary Vice: Against Reading is a pretty interesting take on some of the less reflective versions of "read cuz it's good for you." BoingBoing had a pretty good interview with Mikita Brottman
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This video made me realize that the only real reason that I read during high school and college was to have sex with interesting people.
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That was excellent. I loved the Gilliam-style animation.
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Great video! I'm sending it to my mom, who teaches AP literature. And speaking of moms, I thought it was funny when he showed the statue of Oedipus and casually said "slept with mum by mistake". Just another blunder in a series of human foibles.
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