Nature Special: Futures, adding some fiction into science, once a week
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What does the future hold? Is there life beyond the stars? Will artificial intelligence take over the world? Is time travel possible? All of these questions and more are addressed every week in Futures, Nature's science-fiction column. Featuring short stories from established authors and those just beginning their writing career, Futures presents an eclectic view of what may come to pass.... Prepare to be amazed, amused, stimulated and even outraged … That's the blurb from Nature's Futures online archive, with almost 400 short stories (under 1,000 words) to browse, and one new story added each week. If that is a daunting list to face, you can check out SF2 Concatenation's selection of the very best of the SF short stories from the journal Nature, with about 30 top picks as PDFs, instead of the web pages on
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SF2 Concatenation has an introduction to the series (it was a feature that was first introduced in 2000, then returned in 2005, and since 2007 has been an ongoing weekly feature), and clarifies that their hosting of selected stories is approved by Nature.
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The Nature podcast feed also includes a best of the month reading.
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This is awesome. Thanks!
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Came here expecting corn harvest horror stories and silver mine mysteries... but wasn't disappointed.
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I'm averaging about 30 seconds per story. Cool!
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"Will artificial intelligence take over the world?"

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