Dracula but before and lesbian
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With only 4 more episodes before the end of the first season, now is the perfect time to catch up on the web series Carmilla, a modern take on the 1872 Gothic novella that launched a thousand lesbian vampire ships.

Carmilla is a vlog-style web series that tells the story of Laura Hollis, a college freshman who has discovered her university is more...Lovecraftian than she had anticipated. After her roommate mysteriously disappears from campus, Laura vows to investigate--all while putting up with her aggravating new roommate Carmilla, who never cleans up after herself, sleeps all day long, and keeps blood in a soymilk carton in their mini-fridge.

Lesbian & bi-focused site After Ellen lists 8 reasons why you should watch Carmilla. The series has acquired a devoted Tumblr following, who post fan art and general squeeing over Tiny Gay Laura, Tall Gay Danny, best friends (or more than friends????) LaFontaine and Perry, and of course Broody Gay Carmilla, whose disdainful air is undercut by her sentimental attachment to Laura's pillow.

Plus? The whole thing is sponsored by Kotex.

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This sounds like it might be right in my happy zone. I will check it out.
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This show is such a delight and I adore every single one of the characters. (LaFontaine!) I'm glad the product placement has not been so blatant in the show proper, though it's slightly awkward in the obvious marketing videos.
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Oooooooooooh. Must watch....

Carmilla ranks as one of my favorite vampire stories of all time.
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Sounds neat! Thanks!
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"Lovecraftian" vampires? How does that work?
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Broody Gay Carmilla

Don’t you mean Useless Lesbian Vampire Carmilla?
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"Lovecraftian" vampires? How does that work?

Vampires are just one of the many strange things at Silas University, where classes are occasionally interrupted by invading hordes of sentient mushrooms, and the library computer monitors implore you to run for your life if you foolishly visit after sundown.
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Completely won over by "sponsored by Kotex."

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I'm kind of loving this. I'll be back in a bit, when I've run out of episodes....

"Lovecraftian" vampires? How does that work?

You usually find them deep under the basement floors of houses on Benefit Street, which later sell for a pretty steep price.
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> the 1872 Gothic novella

...by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, whose last name is pronounced LEFF-an-you (like "lemon-you" with an f instead of an m). And now you know.
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Thank you for this post! Vlogs and all the recent vlog adaptations of classic works have proven to be Not My Thing, but this won me over (but lost me my afternoon because I couldn't stop watching omg). So good.
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The Vampire Lovers is the cheesiest movie ever and I love it so. It is SO Swingin' '60s (okay, 1970). It is SO Hammer Films. It is SO low budget -- you can see the chain link fence outside the castle. Plus it has Ingrid Pitt. It was one of my favorite Halloween traditions.
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