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For over sixteen years, the webcomic Jerkcity (previously over twelve years ago, wow) has provided beloved characters and (largely worksafe, except for maybe #191 and #5014 although they lack nudity) vulgarity. But more recently, the Jerkcity experience has been expanded by collaborative fan efforts that have been integrated into the main site (along with other site updates like tags and dialogue transcripts): redrawing project Jerkcity HD (some comics NSFW) and audio dramatization project Jerkcity Hi-Fi (if you're using headphones, you might want to turn them down a little when you listen). Too many details on these and other fan-efforts (and how people can contribute) inside.

Jerkcity HD: Started in April 2013, this fan-project features re-drawn versions of Jerkcity strips. Anyone can contribute (rules here, FAQ here, Tumblr account not needed to submit). The first submission received for each Jerkcity strip gets featured on that strip's page on Jerkcity.com (but additional redraws are still welcome), scroll down to see it. Official endorsement from Jerkcity's Pants.

Jerkcity Hi-Fi: Started in May 2014, this fan-project features dramatic readings of Jerkcity strips, which are linked to on those strips' pages on Jerkcity.com thanks to a request from one of its own characters (again, scroll down to find the link on each page). Readings vary in style, even occasionally venturing into the musical. The creators' website features a succinct description of Jerkcity itself. Audio submissions (full episodes, partially produced ones and fragments such as music, voices etc.) and ideas/requests are accepted via email (details are in the FAQ at the bottom of the main Hi-Fi page).

The Jerkcity Hi-Fi Toll-Free Number: Yes, they actually spent their money on this. Just dial URRJGHRKRK (877-544-7575, toll-free in the US and Canada, Skype also works) and, when the intro begins, dial the strip number of the dramatic reading you want to hear. Dialling no number will result in a random Hi-Fi reading being played. If no reading exists yet for the number dialled or possibly if the reading's too recent, a robotic reading will be generated on the fly. Dial a strip number for a strip with no dialogue (such as this classic) for a secret feature. Dial # at the start or wait for the end of a reading to record a message - messages left are featured in a SoundCloud playlist embedded on the main Hi-Fi page under the bonus audio 'GAGGERS' playlist.

Videos: All Jerkcity-related videos on YouTube are found and linked to on the left side of the main Jerkcity site. Of note are this animation from earlier this year and this live-action version of this decidedly appropriate strip.

Jerkfield: Started literally less than a week ago and linked to via the official Jerkcity Twitter page, Jerkfield combines Jerkcity dialogue with Garfield strips. Not accepting submissions because HULAGHLUALHGLUAGLHU.
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For over sixteen years, the webcomic Jerkcity...

Well, that does it: I'm officially Old.
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I only know about Jerkcity because of Leisure Town.
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dialetheia: The official line: "Cosmic forces (otherwise known as "bonghits") are at work here. Jerkcity was not supposed to have continued through 2014. It should be clear to all that mistakes were made somewhere."
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Holy shit 2002 was 12 years ago? Um...Huh.
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I was once a slobbering child who LOVED using those avatars in whatever chat room they were from. Then I was a pimply teenager who thought it was brilliant someone would use them to make dirty comics with. Now I am a grown man and I can only look back on my life in despair.
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I used to listen to "Sounds from the Jerkcity Hi-Fi" a lot back around that time.
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I thought jerk city had been around forever. Also, I'd never describe it as work safe!
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Yowser: I imagine that viewing the average Jerkcity strip while someone walks by would be equivalent to this situation.
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Um, so I began at the beginning having only seen an odd comic or two before…does it get better or is it disjointed dick jokes and #lulzsorandom the whole way through?
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Holy shit 2002 was 12 years ago? Um...Huh.

If American Graffiti came out today, it would be set in 2003.
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johnnydummkopf: "Um, so I began at the beginning having only seen an odd comic or two before…does it get better or is it disjointed dick jokes and #lulzsorandom the whole way through?"

I've been wondering the same thing myself for the past checks watch 10 years or so.
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Bring back Leisure Town, please.
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A hotline? A fucking hotline? That's so cool!
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I stopped after the 3rd rape joke.
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buddha in a bucket p much saying it all
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Holy crap, Jerk City is still going? Wow.

I wonder if anyone has shown it to Jim Woodring yet.
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Came here to say that this should have a jimwoodring tag.
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Woodring is cool with it.
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I didn't realize Jerkcity's entry on Wikipedia had been deleted, but thankfully it was preserved on Jerkcity.com itself.

I also have an actual postcard from them (Rands?) circa 2004-2005, but I'm sure they'll deny these ever existed.
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JoeZydeco: You can also peruse its edit history, talk page and Aricles For Deletion discussion.
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I know the maintainer of Jerkcity, and I have no idea how public they want to be about it. But I can tell you that it runs in a completely rebuilt from the ground up version of Microsoft Comic Chat, and, like it or hate it, it has maintained a consistency for many, many years through augmentation of scripts and having a hell of a hopper. Learning how the surprisingly complicated infrastructure works has really inspired a lot of my effort in other things I do, giving people a greater impression of my work ethic than perhaps it deserves. I think it's an amazing piece of work, but not for everyone.

One piece of honest trivia, which I've mentioned to people in the past but not many people click on it, is that jerkcity is the spiritual inspiration for my Twitter cat Sockington.

Well, that and the cat itself.
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hi, i'm rands
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