The greatest story Reddit ever told
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The first communication I ever received from Dante Orpilla landed in my mailbox one morning in the summer of 2011. The handwritten letter, filling up six pages of legal-sized paper, arrived in an envelope stamped with a return address to the Federal Correctional Institution in Sheridan, Ore.
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Wow. A great story and amazing art.
posted by Joe in Australia at 3:58 AM on November 26, 2014

Good for this guy but man was that hard to read.
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Very lovely story. Warmed my heart this chilly willy morning.
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This is a great story. A lot of crazy shit happens on Reddit, but a lot of wonderful stuff does, too.
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Lovely story, and a good reminder of how important it can be to do little kind things, even if it doesn't seem much at the time.
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That's a great story, and a hopeful one, given how much of the internet appears to be horrible.
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how important it can be to do little kind things

Case in point: an acquaintance from childhood died recently, far too young (42). She was a wonderful person, fiercely caring and compassionate, with a career in social work. Shortly before her passing, her best friend set up a donation fund to raise money for her daughter's college education (her daughter is not yet 2).

One of the largest single donations to this fund was made anonymously, given with a short note that simply said, "Because you were kind to me when no one else was." While her life was far too short, that's a wonderful legacy: lives changed for the better because of your kindness.
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I really hope it works out for Dante. He seems like an okay guy. Also good for McComas to see past any prejudice about dealing with ex-cons.
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Such kindness! The art is beautiful too.
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