"The open road still softly calls."
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"Wanderers" is a short film by Erik Werquist featuring narration by Carl Sagan.
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Rats; I was just going to post this. It's gorgeous, people. Be sure to watch it HD full-screen!
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It's lovely, isn't it? Amazing graphics.

I'm not a big proponent of manned space exploration, I think we're better off spending our efforts on unmanned probes for now. But still in the quest of the unknown. And any sort of enthusiasm for any sort of space mission is good.

(My slight nitpick; those scenes out by Saturn and Uranus are awfully brightly lit. Then again maybe that's realistic, what without any atmosphere.)
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I watch Cosmos in junior high during it's first run, my eyes glued to the screen. All these years later Sagan's voice still sends chills down my spine.

What a wonderful film.
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featuring narration by Carl Sagan.

... doing a cheesy Rod Serling impression.
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Fantastic. Lots of Kim Stanley Robinson in that. Lots.
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Hard to believe the same person created both that and the 'Crazy Frog' character. What a universe we inhabit.
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Beautiful. Thank you, AlonzoMosleyFBI.
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I'm crying right now and I feel silly.
But to see rendered on the screen the visions from the novels of Kim Stanley Robinson into which I in my teens so often escaped, and recognise their superimposition onto real imagery which I as an adult have spent so much time staring in quiet wonder.
I just...crying.
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This short is astonishing. And it makes me hungry for more hard SF films and television. I love books and comics, but there's a particular joy to seeing these images realized in such detail.
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Phil Plait (Bad Astronomy) is super excited about this, specifically because "nearly every location depicted in this video is real," and he links to some of the sources beyond what Erik Wernquist detailed in the gallery for the short.
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I love seeing space imagery done with an eye to realism like this. Cosmos was a little before my time, but I grew up with the same sentiment. Whether because of Red Mars, other sci fi, or some holdover wanderlust, it feels obvious to me that we should be exploring the universe. I know there are terrible problems on Earth that we desperately need to solve, and we should be working towards that, but it can't be all for the sake of numbly fizzling out in some future vr utopia.
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Just had a chance to watch this. Wonderful imagery (I particularly liked the habitat built inside the large asteroid). The closing shot does a great job of capturing the spirit of discovery and wonder with the smile of the actor showing only in her eyes.
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Well there goes my FPP for today!

Awesome video, makes me wish I could live in the future.
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Damn. I too was going to post this and just did a search. Damn, this is good.
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