Good restrooms, merry gentlemen!
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"It all began with an idea to do something other than an old, tired, traditional card to wish our customers a happy holiday. It seemed rather fitting to do something more light-heartened and idea that revolved around music and holiday lighting...oh, and porta potties of course."

Service Sanitation, based in Gary, Indiana, created a music video featuring 100 porta-potties that light up. The light show is scored to “Christmas Can Can,” a favorite seasonal song by Indiana University's male a capella group Straight No Chaser.

Behind the scenes: The video was shot on November 11 at Service Sanitation’s Gary, Indiana yard. Setup took 11 hours, what with positioning each potty and retrofitting each one with LED lights and electricity.
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Ha, nice.
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Well done, sirs. Well done.
I never noticed before how much porta potties look like a TARDIS.
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Those are the most festive port-a-potties ever. Bravo!

And, yeah, Thorzdad, they really do. I go to an outdoor nerd event where the port-a-potties are termed TARDISes. Because nerds.
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Bravo! Bravo!
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It was pretty, but what a shame to put so much work into something that was visually indistinguishable from cheap graphics.
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Heh. My ballet class has started using an album of "holiday music for ballet class" - piano versions of Christmas music at the proper tempo for various exercises - which is fun. However, there is one sad, sad little piano version of the Dreidel song. It's so much more depressing than just an album of all Christmas music.
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Best use of chem toilets evar!
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High production values! I guess there's good money in the portable shitter business.
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