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Science fiction is still very new in Nigeria, but while we could barely find 10 people to contribute to the anthology in 2010, there are now hundreds of writers who will readily try their hand at the genre. Just as I did, more writers are recognising that we have a copious amount of material for speculative fiction here in Nigeria. That means we need platforms where these stories can be anchored. To help this along, Chinelo Onwualu and I present Omenana, a bimonthly speculative fiction e-publication.
The new, Nigerian speculative fiction magazine Omenana launched this month. posted by MartinWisse (7 comments total) 62 users marked this as a favorite
I'm always on the lookout for African scifi, so thanks a lot for this!

Here's an awesome Ethiopian music video, Phone Home, which is about being in the diaspora and the future of Africa.

Speculative fiction holds a really interesting cultural space: Imagining a future lets us think about today's problems from a very different perspective. In African contexts, you get questions of how Africa might look if some proportion of the present problems are resolved, and implicitly ask how we might get from here to there. It's a really profoundly important exercise.
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This is great! Thanks! I look forward to digging in to this.
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Awesome, thanks.
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kaibutsu if you enjoy that Copperwire song, I highly reccommend checking out Gabriel Teodros' solo work, as well as this album from Kafa Beanz that he was on.
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Cool! Good luck to them.
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Chinelo was a classmate of mine at a writing workshop this past summer. She's extremely smart, always gave excellent feedback in class, and her prose is excellent. I'm so, so glad that this new project of hers is getting the attention it richly deserves.
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I'm digging this, it's great any time SFF takes steps to becoming more multicultural.
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