February 6, 2002
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How geeks can do away with cash and be their own banks. We've been around the topic of alternative economics a few times before on MeFi, but this piece from the reliably clever Shift makes it all clear to me. How you can do it, and why. And it actually suggests that programmers are the best people to manage a new money system. There's even a Bay Area monetary guru to hand. Does this make as much sense to anyone else as it does to me?
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The Intel robot ad on the first Shift link is one of the most annoying things I've ever seen on the internet. Annoyed me so much I didn't read the article.
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While I did have to turn the images off in order to look at this article, I found it a fascinating if perhaps a little boosteristical (hee hee if w can do it so can i) I relish and welcome any attempt to put the language and the mechanics of economics into the hands of anyone besides the elite in whose hands it languishes and becomes an abomination [enronspeak]

I would be curious to know what any of the actual computer programmers out there think of the main notion of this lil' article...

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here's a sourceforge project: electronic fair currency :)

also there was a good discussion on nettime last month. check out the threads with doug henwood and keith hart!
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Who needs programmers to do this, when all you need are some diehard EverQuest fans?
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As the business guy at LiveJournal, I find this to be very interesting. I have had similar thoughts in the past about taking a point system that LiveJournal already has and doesn't know what to do with and turning it into a form of currency (I think it would be cool to call them Franks...) that could be exchanged for paid accounts, traded between users, gambled over friendly games of online poker, etc.

Ideally, they could also be used to buy, sell, and exchange services between LiveJournalers or used by LiveJournal to buy services from its members - a barter system, basically. Want someone to do some webdesign or graphic design work for you? Knit you a sweater? Feed your pets while you're on vacation? Sure... why not?!

What I am really lacking are people with the time, dedication, and expertise to design, implement, and maintain a good, working system. Maybe some college economics class would find such a project to be of interest. After all, we're starting to offer internships now - college credit for weblogging! (...or is that journaling?!)

Anyone interested?! I'll pay you in Franks...!
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how non-geeks can be their own banks: The Triton Personal ATM works just like a commercial ATM, (you supply the money). a steal at only 20 grand
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