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"This subreddit is exclusively for pictures of infrastructure. Paved roads and other public transit, agriculture, freight, waste management, and water systems are all things we could live without but we really don't want to (and they look cool too)"

Just click on the photos, please.
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OMG, that Falkirk Wheel. If anyone needs me, I'll be in my room. Please don't need me for a few.
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The back of the Hoover Dam is pretty cool. Though, that phone tower in Stockholm wins for sheer beauty.
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You could also install RES (http://redditenhancementsuite.com/) and then use the "Show Images" functionality...
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Where the Forth Bridge?! IT'S THE EIFFEL TOWER OF BRIDGES.
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The hovenring is so cool it has its own weblog! (I imagine a bunch of these have websites of some sort devoted to them). But I look at it and think about how in my town they spent millions of dollars on a convention center, more millions on a parking garage across the street, but another million dollars for a pedestrian bridge connecting the two was controversial because it required spending tax dollars. Grover Norquist, you are why we can't have nice things!
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The whole SFWPorn Network is worth checking out. (previously)
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I don't think most of us "could" live without working water and sewer systems, at our current population density. Not very long, anyway. Or very pleasantly.

But I am always for things that encourage us to appreciate the mighty structures that keep us all electrified, able to ship goods, and safe from cholera.

(When I was interviewing for the engineering firm I now work for, my future boss said, well, it's not the most exciting stuff to write marketing for, lots of folks don't want to think about things like wastewater plants. At which point I pushed my glasses up on my nose and said, well, they're wrong. This stuff is really important! It keeps civilization going! And I got the job. And learned that, like proctologists, wastewater engineers have a great sense of humor, though you may not want to hear all their stories.)
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Infrastructure: A Field Guide to the Industrial Landscape

If you are the type to look
at pictures of infrastructure, get this book immediately! It is a beautiful masterpiece and it transformed my worldview.

Also, if you live in SF, join the Bay Area Infrastructure Observatory
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More suspension bike loops please! I love the idea of this. Also that wildlife bridge in Banff.
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chapps: BicycleDutch has bunches of photos and videos of impressive bicycle infrastructure in the Netherlands (and also of the more prosaic infrastructure, such as separated bike lanes and junction designs, that are really more important if less impressive). See also the Cykelslangen in Copenhagen (Denmark).

Seconding "Infrastructure: A Field Guide to the Industrial Landscape", which my wife got me for me birthday a few years back and still enjoy very much.
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My father was a Civil Engineer. His specialty was concrete in all it's many resplendent forms, but his kink was dams. We never took a road trip of any length that didn't include a side trip to some obscure but interesting place that man was holding back a flood or generating some power.
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I did not expect to find the postings so fascinating. Really enjoyed this and now must seek that Infrastructure book. Thank you for the post.
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Oooooo i love this kind of stuff thanks! (geeky architect here)
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