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RxRy ("Rex Ray" / Matthew J. Sage) is an electronic musician who was active from 2010 to 2012. (According to Sage's dreamy goodbye, the persona has "turned to ash.") RxRy specialized in staticky bedroom ambient and rough beats paired with gentle melodies. While it received some acclaim on music blogs (Stadiums & Shrines 2010 albums of the year, No Genre Music 2010 albums of the year, Q&A with Gimme Tinnitus), the project never penetrated the mainstream and has been largely forgotten.

Fortunately, on the Internet very little ever really goes away! Within, find links to stream and download RxRy's entire discography (six albums, three EPs, two remix EPs, four singles, and one DJ Mix) for a blissful New Year's Eve afternoon.

You can also download all of the albums directly from the blog linked in the first "RxRy" of this post.
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Hey, I had forgotten about this! Thank you!
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I'd mostly forgotten RxRy myself, but was tooling through my music library when I came upon him again. In 2010, I'd thought that he was the bee's knees and was the best thing I could tell everyone to listen to - not the greatest sound, but pretty solidly okay. There's a thousand and one reasons to fail to crack the mainstream, and I've no idea which one was his undoing. Being so cryptic about his identity can't have helped.
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Hey these are great and I've never heard of them before. Thank you!

Electronic music projects that are cool and never caught fire seem to be a thing. I'm always said Wolfgang Voigt's Gas project is a one-off. Albeit four hours of good one-off.
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I'm pretty into this music but man... it took me a minute to realize I wasn't reading some kind of actual suicide note!
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The whole thing is framed very melodramatically; I suspect that he was pretty young when he made these tracks - hence the whole omission of vowels and use of unicode characters, which feels very deliberately part of the then-zeitgest of chillwave . My recollection is that somewhere at the start of his blog he said that he'd written most of the first RxRy material while recovering from being sick, which might also inform the general tone. Unfortunately he's gone back and deleted most of the blog's content, but you can browse a few of the pages on archive.org.
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I remember this! DLTRA and c.STRS were my favorites.
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I saw "RxRy" and immediately thought of...partial derivatives.
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I remember this! DLTRA and c.STRS were my favorites.

I've been rediscovering the catalog - I like Omega a lot more now than I used to.
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Great post! I had forgotten about RxRy. Elipsis, Stag, Aertigo Lapsees, Elusive, some of my fave tracks. I will look in to all of these others!
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