Tonight I'm going to party like it's 1949.
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Why ring out 2014, when you can celebrate the end of 1976 with Donny & Marie (along with Tina Turner, Rip Taylor, and Billy Preston). Or try 1961 with Dinah Shore and Nat King Cole. But if television is too modern for you, you can always just sit back and listen to a old-time NYE Radio Show.
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Oh, now that's what I'm talking about. Thanks fings.
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Gotta say, Donny and Marie were pretty damn charming. Hokey as hell, but charming.
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Love it! I remember watching Donny and Marie as a little kid.

Also, here's New Year's Eve 1984 with Lily Tomlin. And Dick Clark's last New Year's Eve countdown in 2011.
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Here's Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians.

There was a cohort of entertainers who started in vaudeville early in the 20th century - - and when radio came along, they moved to radio; and when television came along, they moved to television; and they kept their death grip on mainstream culture and entertainment well into the 1970s. Dick Clark got his start as a 'young' alternative to the endless nightmare that was enduring Guy Lombardo being wheeled out for our 'entertainment' for nearly fifty years.

In an era when the Ramones and the Sex Pistols were getting started, the powers-that-be that then ruled network television STILL brought us Guy F. Lombardo....
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I offer MTV's New Year's Rocking Eve of 1985, starring Starship, several annoyed fans, and several more ping pong balls.

They don't make these shows like they used to.
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On Facebook tonight I shared a clip from Emerson. It was timely and apropos.

My timeline should be so lucky to have Guy Lombardo.
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And here's one for today: Baby Snooks New Years Hangover 1942
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Fun!!! GREAT!!! How crisp!!!
- Actual YouTube comment
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Cute, Marie.
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