The New(ly discovered) Animals of 2014
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Last year wasn't all bad. Scientists discovered/confirmed 15,000 new species of living things, including the bone house wasp and four kinds of carnivorous sponges. Mental Floss thoughtfully rounds up the best of the best for us. (Warning: big picture of punk rock sea snail.)
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and four kinds of carnivorous sponges

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Hydrothermal trench life forms are as close as we get to aliens. So awesome.
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Reading up on the bone house wasp has made my morning. And given me some home decor ideas.
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1) In 2015, I will arrive at all public places on the back of my new giant stick insect, Henrietta. We are also working on a synchronized dance routine.

2) Wasps are freaking evil, dude. Fuck wasps.
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bone house wasp

My Wu-Tang name, btw.
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Scientists found this snail and several others in the sea-floor area surrounding hydrothermal vents, where the water can reach up to 750° F and higher. Noting the newcomer’s spiky shell, its purple blood, and its “extreme environment,”

I'm pretty sure I've seen these things clinging to the walls at Norfair or thereabouts.
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Wow, about 41 new species identified per day. It seems like it would be a lot of work and got me wondering. I'm afraid to link any science reporting given its sorry state but I found this:
New Kids on the Block: How Scientists Identify New Species which concerns marine species and is addressed in lay terms with a newly discovered seahorse - Hippocampus denise - as an example. The article is entertaining. I hope it is also accurate.
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BAT FROG! Da na na na na na na na na na
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That metal-eating plant sounds like a good candidate for some generous DARPA research.
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> Bone-house wasps eat spiders, but they also kill ants and bring them back to the nest. Not for food, either: this is just to send a message. Adults carry the ant corpses home, then pile them up at the nest entrance like a gruesome UPS delivery.

Bone-house wasps are apparently to ants what my cat is to mice.
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I love the world. I love science. I love that science proves that the world is always filled with things to discover...
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I was singing Bat Frog to this tune, personally.
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With more than 6,000 species of frogs:
This new frog is one of only 10 or 12 species that has evolved internal fertilization, and of those, it is the only one that gives birth to tadpoles as opposed to froglets or laying fertilized eggs.”
Fanged frog gives birth to live babies
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2014 wasn't all bad. There were... new... wasps!

Eeeeeyup. That about sums it up.
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I can't, in good conscience, applaud the discovery of new wasps. However, if new wasps must be found, at least these kill lots of ants!
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carnivorous sponges

I always found SpongeBob lethal, but in an entirely other way.

...and if I'm not here tomorrow, I might be sponged.
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Carnivorous sponges. Yeah, that's what I wanted to hear this morning. I'm glad I held off on the shower. Just when we think we get it all sorted out...wait...bat frogs?...Oh. Ozzy Osbourn. Never mind.

The snailfish...a lowly name for a graceful creature. I could watch it swim for hours.
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I keep thinking, what's my toothbrush up to these days...
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Oh god are my bones full of wasps? Is that what this is about?
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The elephant shrew is pretty fascinating. The head looks like it has a thick, lumpy miniature elephant skull inside. Kind of makes sense it's more closely related to elephants the to shrews, since, IIRC the elephant's closest living relative is a small furry varmint, the hyrax.
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Not new in 2014, but still must be shared: DISCO CLAM.
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