"Sexual dreams.
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"Sexual dreams. Most people have experienced them. Some people welcome them for their intensity and excitement; some people fear them as they induce guilt and shame. But, perhaps more so than any other type of dream, they always intrigue. They get our attention and "seduce" us into taking notice of our inner world."
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yep. i have had some weird ones that i am not going to talk about here, but i have also had some great ones, which also I am not going to talk about here.
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I keep dreaming about my wife and then I tell her and it all begins anew. It's wonderful. Life is always dirtier, bless it!
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your wife?

*makes whipping sound*

(sorry, courtesy of Simpsons, couldn't resist)
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i really think that those theories (the ones created by freud and jung about psyche, libido and dreams) are too old, those ideas use concepts that have never been totally proved by science, moreover, actual psychology keeps supporting and analyzing those theories. psychologists must start to think a different way…
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The "different way" is to replace most of the "are"'s and "do's" with "can"'s and "might"'s. In other words, to remove the absolutist language. Instead of saying "Dreams reveal deep, unconscious urges and desires," it is more accurate to say something like "sometimes, dreams can reveal unconscious urges." The big mistake is in being so absolutist about it. Most of the time, dreams are completely meaningless.

Most intelligent scholars don't make the mistake of attributing an absolutist position to Freud et. al.

Furthermore, if Freud is mostly correct, then attempting self-analysis of dreams is rather pointless. The whole point of having a dream in which something unconscious/subconscious symbolically explored is because your conscious mind can't or won't explore it literally. If you're able to determine the "deep meaning" consciously, then that shows there was no need for the deception.

In a culture (or in a person) that doesn't engage in much repression, there's little work for the un-/sub-conscious mind to do.
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Mitch Taylor: The weirdest thing just happened to me.
Chris Knight: Was it a dream where you see yourself standing in sort of sun-god robes on a pyramid, with a thousand naked women screaming and throwing little pickles at you?
Mitch Taylor: No...
Chris Knight: Why, am I the only one who has that dream?
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All absolutists do is try to keep the threads of their flying carpets ravelled. Absolutism is not an attitude of living, but of death; it's about crushing anything that opposes. I re-read this psychoanalysis stuff every once in a few years to remind myself of some of the tools available for looking deeper into my self. Tools that add richness to my life. I don't buy any of it one hundred percent. Nor do I allow my skepticism to dissuade me from delving into what might be considered old, or unproven by science [which can't prove a whole lot of anything can it?]. Ideas, good ideas, are all just working copies. Constantly being edited. If you read the article, you would note it isn't written by Jung or Freud themselves. It's infact written by August J. Cwik who edits his own understanding into the picture.
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