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Master Technician Service Conference Films - Chrysler's Training for Mechanics. These materials were sent to each MoPar (Chrysler Products) dealer's repair department every month from 1948 through at least the late 1970's. They covered a different topic each month, and they were written to educate the simplest of minds. Now they are an invaluable resource for people wanting to maintain their classic Chrysler car.

More history of the films and links to other training materials.
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Off topic but interesting.
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Metafilter: written to educate the simplest of minds.
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I just sold my 1965 Chrysler 300 last year, but it was a fun car while I had it, and the world of vintage car mechanics was pretty interesting.
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I watched the 1978 Omni-Horizon Mechanical adjustments, having driven an Omni of that vintage.

I was waiting for the part about "when the car approaches 90K miles, the following will fail: brakes, carburetor, clutch, clutch cable, clutch cable bracket, font wheel bearings, engine seal. Bilk the customer as long as possible before they give up and junk the car."
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Speaking of Mopar, today I ran into the entertaining which I swear I first saw via MetaFilter several years ago.
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Allpar has more about the history of Master Tech:
When launched in September of 1946 it was the largest training initiative ever undertaken by any American business and was lauded by industry, education and government alike. Master Tech was likened to a post-graduate curriculum for automotive service students on a scale that rivaled many universities. K.T. Keller’s “function over form” mandate and Chrysler’s focus on engineering meant many new features continued to stream out of Highland Park, requiring mechanics to stay up to date.
The program continues to this day, now as a web-based course.
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