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"I want first to thank you, watching/reading you advocate is an inspiration. I hope to one day be as articulate and hard-working as you. If you're able, could you point me to some favorite writings on privilege/intersectionality/feminism? I'm interested to see what's inspired/informed you. Thank you!" Writer, feminist (and crafter) Ijeoma Oluo provides ten solid links to educational resources online (caveat: she does state, though, that these links barely scratch the surface.)

Website of Ijeoma Oluo/Blog
Twitter account: @IjeomaOluo

Quick summary from her bio page: "Ijeoma Oluo is a Seattle-based writer. Her work primarily focuses on issues of race, feminism, the arts, and personal essay. She also has a degree in Political Science from Western Washington University."

Bonus link: We Should Raise Our Brown Kids to Talk Back, on
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This is excellent, thank you!
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Great timing. I spent some time last night trying to have a thoughtful, kind-minded discussion with a guy who insisted "nobody takes white privileged cis males seriously". So kind that I didn't even point out that the phrase "nobody takes white privileged cis males seriously" uses the word privilege. It's good to have somewhere to send him when I get tired of hitting my head against the wall.
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