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The Prom King (and other stories) is a twine game by Ashton Raze.

Content notice: explicit nudity, violence, suicide.
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What's a twine game and how do you make it do something? (nothing seems to happen on an iPad, at least).
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Twine games are hypertext games. Follow the links to progress. I don't have my iPad with me so I can't see if I'm having similar problems, but it seems to work on my phone.

I ran through this yesterday and enjoyed the atmosphere of it. It reminded me of reading YA fiction when I was actually a YA. My only problem was I thought the resolution came a bit too quick.
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Am pretty sure the underlying tech is HTML5, so should run in any modern browser.

Not real familiar with YA, Prom King was a bit bleak--but, now that I think about it, Catcher In The Rye had a downer ending.
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Curious: Twine is a tool to create html based text stories / games / experiences. Tap on the coloured bits of text (which are links) to advance the "story": The text will change, or maybe parts of the text will change. Read the new text, tap on another choice and so on.

In one way it's every bit as simpe as the old choose your own adventure books, but the web interface gives an immediacy that can make for a much more interactive feel.

Probably the earliest example of the Twine approach to creative writing pieces that I know of is Andrew Plotkins "The Space Under the Window" which used the Infocom adventure game interpreter to create a very similar effect. I'm sure there are others too.
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I dig it, not sure I got the second story though.
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That's not an adventure game, it's a short story (with footnotes) broken up into paragraphs on separate web pages. There's no choice or interactivity; it's all on rails.
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As a linked set of short stories it's pretty good, though. Twine just made it annoying.

sibboleth: That one wasn't clear to me either. I figured the punch-line had to be that it wasn't Caleb texting her (she merely assumes it has to be). But then I couldn't fit that into the rest of the picture, and the credits at the end proved me wrong.
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