We only come out at night, the days are much too bright
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Projections in the Forest is a micro-scale projection video ("making of" short) that imitates a bioluminescent forest (project site), with projections to look like foxfire and such bioluminescent mushrooms, plus some animals and elements that usually don't generally glow in the dark. If you like such projection techno-magic, 3hund have a few other projection projects on their Vimeo account.
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Beautiful! And yet... not quite as beautiful as simply a forest.
posted by Atom Eyes at 8:32 PM on January 13, 2015 [4 favorites]

This is amazing.
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"We are dreamers, shapers, singers, and makers. We study the mysteries of laser and circuit, crystal and scanner, holographic demons and invocations of equations. These are the tools we employ, and we know many things."
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never mind jetpacks. I want a pocket-sized version of this tech.
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i actually liked the "making of" better than the final product. Like Atom Eyes, I don't think shining light at mushrooms is nearly as cool as the mushrooms themselves are.
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Beautiful, even if it is gilding the lily. I do worry that when we manage to splice wi-fi genes in alongside the liuciferase the whole world will turn into a Coldplay gig...
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