Stupid Sexy Four-armed Gorilla Dragon!
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This video showcases a mod for Mortal Kombat Komplete that switches character animations. Specifically, it switches all of the fatality animations of the female characters, and gives them to the burly, manly main bosses of the game. Not work safe for gore and pole-dancing gorilla dragons.
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His pecs are astoundingly graceful.
posted by Mizu at 8:54 PM on January 15, 2015

Man, this game and Injustice had such bad 3D models. I mean, they were competently modeled and textured but were so ugly.
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I think Metafilter gave Youtube the hug of death.
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Watching Shao Khan vogue after killing a dude is surprisingly funny.
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I know nothing about Moral Kombat. The best one is when he rips the arms off that one dude and then claps with the ripped-off arms but he himself already has a whole extra pair of arms.
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I couldn't agree more about the ugly models. Injustice Batman has a face like the Annoying Orange.
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Th-that art makes me feel uncomfortable.
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This is my fave animations switch.
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What struck me is how frequently the poses zoom in on the torso, not showing the face the way the male characters (presumably, I haven't played MK since v2) have their whole body shown. All the better to perve at ugly 3D tits, I suppose.
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It's supposed to be zooming in on the head but the Goro model is taller than the one it's replacing and the camera movement is still mapped to the shorter model.
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I love my autocorrect error. Moral Combat. An eye for an eyeful of cleavage, I suppose.
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Unrelated to the switched animations, but I like the second one where the guy's decapitated body is impaled on the pole. The blatantly looped animation and sound effects (not to mention that the guy's a fire hose of blood) just cracked me up.
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i have the weirdest boner right now
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Oh god someone please do this for Soul Calibur II. My favorite part of that game was watching all the sexy end move pose things when Charade did them, but it'd be even funnier with, like, Nightmare. Or Voldo. Or Link.
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One of the characters literally does a pole dance when she wins a fight? I guess because nothing celebrates a hard-fought combat victory like putting on some "Black Hole Sun" and pretending it's dollar Jell-o shots night at Bazookas?
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I've always loved animation swaps. In Super Smash Brothers, you get gems like Pikadorf and... uhh... this unholy abomination.
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Judging from these animations, Mortal Kombat characters are not actually that muscled, they're just swollen, like ticks, with blood.
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Oh man that guy could play pattycake with himself, why doesn't he do that
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Kind of great how they have two four-armed characters and they really haven't quite figured out how to do the rigging and animations for a guy with four arms. Several places where the second set of arms is clipping through the first and vice versa.
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Just because Goro has healthy self-esteem and is aware of his own attractiveness doesn't mean he needs to be ridiculed for doing a sexy little contrapposto butt wiggle.
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Oh god someone please do this for Soul Calibur II.

There was a feature with the first Soul Calibur where you could eventually edit the intro, swapping which characters performed the animations. It was somehow utterly hilarious when we replaced all the characters with Lizard Man, especially during the "sexy" poses.
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