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It's gloriously incomprehensible and very Japanese, but still: BUGGG, a game, or rather several games. (Requires Unity)

There seem to be five stages, but their precise forms vary according to how you play.
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Thanks to @ClydeMandelin (tomato of Mother 3 translation patch fame) for the find!
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And that is my score up there, at 37,501 points, although I may have had a lucky game.
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I didn't get very far but I love love LOVE the 2D-to-3D transition in the 'Zelda' part. Bitchin'
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So, is Unity safe for old XP systems? I'm not asking for a guarantee but just a general consensus.
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Hm. I'd say that XP systems probably aren't safe for the internet in general.
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I've completed it three times now. A lot of the difficulty depends on what random (?) powerups and perspectives you get handed. I offer these tips:

In general:
* Each world starts out with an easy mission to get you used to things. These are always the same.
* After you clear the intro, you get a random weapon, enemy mod and perspective, and a percentage counter. * These may or may not be too playable. Every time you kill an enemy, the percentage goes down. The objective is to get to 0% and start the boss phase.
* If you have trouble, eventually a timer will expire (illustrated by the screen getting glitchier), and the game will reroll the weapon, mod and perspective. I don't know if there's a penalty for doing that too many times.
* If you get the combo percentage up high enough, you get awarded a special weapon which lasts until the timer expires next. This also resets the clock.
* When the percentage gets to 0%, it refills to 100%, the setting is rerolled, and you get the boss, which is always some big shape with a red eyeball filled with glitches. Hitting it lowers the percentage. You might again get a combination of weapon/mod/perspective which isn't very playable, so the game rerolls still those over time. When you reach 0% here you move on to the next stage.
* You start with five hearts. Get hit by something and you take one heart. (Sometimes you seem to take three hearts of damage, I'm not sure why.) You get one heart when you finish a stage, which can take you over your initial five.

Stage 1: Space Invaders
Not too hard. Watch out for obliquely-moving shots. It's pretty easy to get the combo high enough for a powerup weapon, and they're satisfyingly explodey. You seem to never get 3D effects in this mode.

World 2: Zelda
Your basic weapon is very short range, fortunately you seem to get pretty good random replacements here. This is the first area where you might get a 3D gimmick. You'll quickly learn that those suck. Don't forget, in 3D and side-view modes, that you can jump here.

World 3: Something or other involving collecting stars
There are no "enemies" here, except for the boss. Instead you collect star items that slide around. You can double-jump in this mode. You do have a weapon, which collects stars too, but you don't have to use it until the boss.

World 4: "Mechaman"
Be prepared to jump to avoid shots when in side-view mode. Ideally you'll want to have saved up a supply of health for here.

World 5: Boring world
This one starts out in first-person shooter mode. Note, when in FPS mode, your range is actually much shorter than it appears to be with your default weapon. This stage is easiest when it collapses to 2D.

My high score at the moment is a bit over 39K.
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If you like this, you might like Farbs' ROM CHECK FAIL, which made the front page here a few years ago.
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I highly recommend the super laser.
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How did you put your name in? I've gotten as high as 6th but haven't gotten any kind of prompt to do so.
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This is amazing! And surprisingly fun!
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How did you put your name in?

When you rank, a white box with some Japanese text will appear. This is actually an edit window. You can click on it, delete the characters already there, and enter standard Roman charactrs.
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Somewhat annoying that this requires the web player. Unity games can be (and generally are) distributed with their executables as proper downloads.

But no, stream everything.
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