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Baby I got a slooooooooow car
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sure is /mu/ in here
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Classic funposting.
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Given he's from Houston, the whole thing 'makes sense' if you correct it to "ya'll cowards don't even smoke crack".

This is much better than I would have imagined it to be.
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" I’ve done every drug there is to do and even though I’m a successful real estate dealer I dabble in a few drugs every now and then with my gang brothers or friends just to show I’m still in touch with the streets."
This quote! (Emphasis mine, of course.)
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If you have a little time to kill, this will give you the essence of Viper in just 10 hours.

Oddly relaxing.

The /r/Hiphopheads thread was interesting. He's made 333 mixtapes! In one year!

Here's a partial listing:

"Cops Can't Read III"
"Fuck Tha World It Ain't Real I Bend Tha Spoon Wit My Mind 2"
"Put Sum Relish and Musta on It It Ain't Extra 2"
"A Loyal Illuminati Memba II"
"U're Such a Dumby"
"I Be Real as Gold 4 Sho II"
"I Sell Tha Best Crack II"
"The Rocketship Bus 2"

His music is great when you're in the mood for extremely narcoleptic rap. Really is quite relaxing.
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I've been half meaning to make a Viper post for a while; glad to see it happen here. He's like a way more listen-able Wesley Willis.
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The new BasedGod?
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If you'd actually like to hear something like witch house + rap, I'd highly recommend Bones. His latest mixtape is a beautiful thing. Really, anything from TeamSESH goes great in this vein.
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