La Feria de la Alasita
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Every January 24, Alasitas or La Feria de la Alasita, a fair specific to Bolivia and especially La Paz, commences. Though its origin is somewhat unclear (Spanish-language), for the next three weeks, the fair will draw Bolivians seeking material abundance ("Alasita" translates as "buy me" in Aymara) in the year ahead by buying miniatures at the fair of those things they want and giving them to Ekeko, the Aymara god of prosperity, represented by a small figurine (Spanish-language video) covered in all the goods the petitioner would like to receive. As with a number of cultural and culinary items of the region, there is some debate as to whether Alasitas is properly Bolivian or Peruvian (Google translation).
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As someone who is always looking for interesting Christmas tree ornaments, this has my full attention.
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I have experienced it, during my first visit to Bolivia. Anything you can imagine, including tiny condoms! The use the rolly end of a balloon, and put it in a tiny packet.
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