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Paper Arcade! A flickr collection of print-fold-and-glue classic arcade cabinets.
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These are extremely awesome, though I've been living in Japan for long enough that I'm kind of disappointed not to see any Astro City cabinet in there.
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It was pretty heartbreaking when I got to the end and I realized so many favorites were missing. Hopefully this is still in progress.

It's funny how elaborate some of the side panel art was, considering it was probably obscured in most arcades by neighboring machines.

For those into this sorta thing, see if your local magazine section has Retro Gamer. Their current annual has a feature on arcades of the 70s, 80s, and 90s.
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That's a great collection....Whoo
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Childhood? ... Childhood, is that you?!
(Thanks for posting this, this is awesome.)
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God i wish i could play joust right now.
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I'm surprised this hasn't drifted up here before. Some of these are ten years old. As far as archeology go its interesting to see this newer, cleaner, non-attributed version compared to the apparent source.

Papercraft is awesome and apparently rule 32a: for a thing, papercraft probably exists. I mean, we all know about Ceilingcat but I went, man, so rule 32 and sure enough, Minecraft, Keyboard Cat. I had to go out through the memosphere to Tay Zonday and Scumbag Steve before I broke free of cut-and-tape constructs.
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ikahime: "God i wish i could play joust right now."

Wish granted.
posted by namewithoutwords at 11:52 PM on February 11, 2015 [1 favorite] has a bunch of pinball tables.

My favorite papercraft artist, Marshall Alexander, has some stylized video games in his Foldskool Heros set.

A few years ago I did a Papercraft of the Day tumblr project and there's lots of video/computer/arcade game stuff there. It looks like the OP flickr link has all the arcade cabinets except this Galaga table [self link]. The link to the template is broken, though, and I couldn't quickly find another. As Ogre Lawless pointed out, a lot of these are old, and there are lots of different papercraft repositories out there. Digging around the template links on my thing might lead to some missing pieces.
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Papercraft? You want Papercraft? This list should keep you busy for a year or so. Please note that while many of theses models are very simple many are insanely complicated and detailed.
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For those without printers, I'd imagine these would print great as photos. Maybe even do one set on matte for the cabinet, and one on glossy for the display and overhead title.
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I've had the Tempest one on my desk for years. Time to abuse the colour printer at work again!
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