Above the Tsunami Inundation line? Check! Volcano hazard? Check!
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An interactive map of geologic doom from the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries. You can model which hazards are most likely to affect your (Oregon) neighborhood, from landslides, tsunamis, and the ever-ominous Cascadian Subduction earthquake.
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TLDR; Tillamook is fuuuuuuucked.
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Is anyone else getting a request for a login and password?
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No login for me, just a popup with instructions.
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No login/pwd. But I'm glad I don't live in the Pearl District. Floods, liquefaction, severe earthquake shaking. Also, who knew there was an active earthquake fault parallel to Westover but 1 block downhill?
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That $140 million wasn't a waste after all!
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We here in hurricane sinkhole land salute you.
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Not in Oregon? Check!
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Uninstalled Flash long ago? Uncheck!
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Don't worry Nuclear waste from Hanford has already killed you.
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Hanging out with a bunch of geologists last year, I was surprised to hear them moaning about no one ever paying attention to their pronouncements of doom. Living in ignorant bliss until this point in my life, I assumed that when geologists said "everyone will likely die if you build there," the appropriate zoning ordinances were applied by the appropriate level of government. But when I finally managed to dig up hazard maps for my region, I found that the danger zones overlap quite a lot of densely populated areas and - even worse - are being primed for new development.

The maps were harder to find than they should have been and definitely not made for public consumption. The geologists I was with kind of looked at me like I was nuts when I suggested making their maps for the general public if the zoning office wasn't listening. Looks like that's the strategy of at least some - this tool is pretty great!
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I'm getting a blank page with "Error #2048" at the bottom.
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The site works mostly ok for me, and of course shows some overlapping hazards at my new location. Gee thanks Dogami! No wonder no one likes scientists.
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Mr. Rabbit is sad that we're moving from Scappoose to Hillsboro. Maybe when I show him that we'll be less severely fucked when the earthquake he insists is inevitable finally happens, he'll cheer up.
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