April 26, 2000
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Monsanto, the megacorp who brought you terminator seed technology, and who is known for suing farmers who harvest seeds from crops grown from patented Monsanto seeds, has had a busy couple of weeks. On April 4, they merged with pharmaceutical giant Upjohn to form meta-megacorp Pharmacia. That same day, in a spurt of overactivity, they decoded the genetic sequence of rice.

Uh oh.
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Actually, Pharmacia (a 100-year-old Swedish firm) merged with Upjohn, and then bought out Monsanto. It's billed as a merger of equals, a bit like DaimlerChrysler, but it really was a purchase of an American company by a European company ... a bit like DaimlerChrysler.

Just a note from a Monsanto stockholder ...
posted by dhartung at 11:24 AM on April 27, 2000

It's good to get the facts straightened, even when they're not particularly reassuring ones. Thanks.
posted by jbushnell at 9:21 PM on April 27, 2000

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