Andrew B. Myers' Missives from the Wallpaper Dimension
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Photographer Andrew B. Myers makes photographs that don't look like photographs so much as like clean-edged graphic design illustrations. Much of his work combines vibrant colors, flat, non-gradated lighting with crisp shadows, and a long-lens isometric composition to create tableaux that resemble old-school screensavers or wallpaper prints.
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Oh! He did the images for that NYTimes twitter shaming article that's been going around!

I really dig his stuff; it's just so deeply satisfying to look at. I'd love to see a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into one of these shots. (Maybe there's one in one of the links, but if so I can't find it.)
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These are cool, I really like them and it makes me ponder on how he created each one.
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In this interview from 2010, he mentions the old salt print method for making what I assume are the more washed-out photos, while in this short interview with My Modern Met, he said "I always shoot at f22, which keeps everything in focus, and therefore lacks the depth you see elsewhere and makes things flatter." In another 2010 interview, he mentioned a love for the old, aged look from material produced by the National Film Board of Canada.

I imagine there is some post-processing or use of big light sources because some photos have the shadows falling in a very flat, linear fashion.
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Amazing - I would've thought these are paintings. He seems to like to reference 80s video game-era stuff - cannot suss how to link to each one, but there is a photo of a hand flipping off a Rubik's cube, and another one that looks like it took inspiration from the Qbert video game.

The color palettes used - some at least - seem very 50s though.

Nice post.
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Oh WOW I love these
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these are great, thanks. i want to own one.
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Those are amazing images. I'd love to see large-format high-quality prints of them.
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