Radios in museums
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Do you like radios? And museums? Then you need the gazatteer of museums and historical places around the world where you can look at radios and associated technologies!
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Shout out to my local radio museum, RAF Henlow's Signals Museum! Don't forget to bring some photo ID because otherwise you can't get into the base.
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This is great, thank you. Does anyone know of a good resource for small independent museums around the US? They are my favorite thing, and I feel like I only ever stumble upon them by chance.
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I'm browsing on mobile, but no Signal Hill in St John's, NL? There's a museum there documenting Marconi's possible reception of the first transatlantic signal.
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The Military Communications and Electronics Museum in Kingston Ontario is definitely worth a look if you are into this sort of thing. Hwy 2 East, you can't miss the big radar dish on the front lawn. Looks like it's not on the radiomuseum list above.
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I'm glad that the British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum in Dulwich is included.

I wrote the Wikipedia article on Gerry Wells, the recently deceased and rather eccentric man who started it.
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How funny, we just passed a tiny radio museum in Goldfield, Nevada, housed in a trailer, on a recent road trip. I'll have to contact the webmaster and have them added!

Found a little blurb on the museum here under "The Man with the Radios" in case anyone is interested. Goldfield is also home to its own radio station.
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Bellingham, Washington. We are totally lucky with this amazing museum!!!
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Hmm, I think it's time for us to get listed. Thanks for this!
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