Volumes, lines, shadows and light have to obey my will.
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When the Bauhaus art school opened in 1919, more women applied than men.
One woman who attended in 1927 was Amercan born Florence Henri who in the 1920's had moved to Paris.
However it wan't until she returned from a course at the Bauhaus, where she lived in the same house as Moholy-Nagy and became a close friend of his first wife Lucia Moholy and also where she met her lifetime companion Margarete Schall; that she took up photography.
She met Man Ray, Germaine Krull and the photographer André Kertész, developlng a very personal work, by using mirrors and prisms.
Her style oscillates between Bauhaus, Dadaism and Surrealism.
Photos NSFW Still lifes, and Nudes and Portraits.
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I like these a lot.
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It's amazing how modern some of these look, or how timeless they are. The faces over water multiple exposure looks like something that could be posted on instagram tomorrow.
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I've seen some of these before, and they are beautiful. As with almost every FPP about photography, my immediate wish is to see them in person instead of as small pictures on a computer screen.
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