PLUR, eh?
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just reading the name Freaky Flow gives me an acid flashback
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What an anemic telling; just listen to the music and pretend CBC had let Denise Benson tell it instead.
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When I was young I used to drive from Detroit to Toronto to go to parties. I can verify that these parties were off the god damn hook. Thousands of people dancing together, not just standing there nodding their heads like kids do these days. There was a real sense of community, and a feeling that we were changing the world together. No one was a stranger - if you showed up, you were one of us, and we would make you feel included. We all showed off to one another with our dancing, clothing, glowing devices, and music, all competing to contribute the most to the party. We would talk about how we could solve all the world's problems by giving everyone at the UN a dose of MDMA. We were going to be so much better than our lame parents.
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It's entirely possible that the four of us were all at the same parties. My party time in Toronto was 2000-c. 2004... Destiny events mainly, Purple Heaven (FUCK YOU Jason).

Ascension boat cruises!
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I was there from '98-'01. I don't think I ever attended an Ascension boat cruise, I mostly went up for Hullaballoo and WEMF.
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I only went to a couple of Hullas--despite having been the candyest of candy kids, there's only so much HHC I can take--but WEMF 2K1 was intense. 00 Fleming? Christopher Lawrence? That goddamn line to get in that kept stopping and starting?
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Cool, I was at WEMF 2001 too, I had a great time. That line was ridiculous; I was waiting for hours, wondering if I would ever get in. But at least there were cool people to talk to. It was super packed in there and the "showers" were not all that effective.

I wasn't into trance that much, I was mostly excited about Dieselboy. But the great thing about WEMF was the variety of music. Most parties would focus on one or two genres but they always tried to have it all. I spent most of my time at the happy hardcore and drum & bass stages.

I loved going to Canada for happy hardcore because it was your specialty, it's what you were best at. Chicago had the best house, Detroit had the best techno, Toronto had Anabolic Frolic and his crew.
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Oh, Anabanana.

And for serious, that line. Move four feet forward NO WAIT STOP THE COURT INJUNCTION WENT UP A LEVEL. I was there with my then-boyfriend and a friend and his girlfriend and we nearly lost our minds waiting--especially when the music started and the whole line started dancing. WEMF (which was Destiny, and from conversations with Don--Dr Trance--a few times, he was the one who pushed for the inclusiveness) was awesome about the multitude of genres. I remember on the Saturday wandering from a goa tent to some jungle outdoors to a cuddle pile of tranced out candy kids in like... well it might have been one hour or six, memories arE hazy for somE rEason.

Although until now I was unaware that showers even existed there outside of the few RVs parked around.
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94-99 mostly. Little of everything. subb, eros, pleasure force, dolphin, alien, transcendance, thirdstar, building blocks, switch, phryl, e, destiny, hulla, bliss, sickness, ritual, subversive...

It set a high bar.
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Actually, most memorable from 2k1:

Laaaaaaaaaaaate night Saturday, my then-bf and I were curled up in our tent sketching worn out. Some random girl suddenly opens the flap, climbs in, flops down and zonks out. I'm all WTF, poke my head out to see what's going on, and someone else is doing the same. "Hey! Did she just go in there? Just tried to do that to us, I'll get security."

They show up, flashlight in the tent. Ask what's going on. She starts trying to say "hey this dude invited me in I dunno I'm just here," then the flashlight beam hits my bf's face--she was laying half on top of him. He barely noticed, for somE rEason. "Who's that?" security asks. "My boyfriend," I say. They haul her out. Sunday afternoon as we're leaving, we see her sitting right outside the gates, waiting for.. someone, I hope. Such a weird funny sad moment.
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As it happens, my first burn I camped with Saturday Morning Cartoon Camp, which was entirely set up for people to randomly crash in the main space, with pillows and comforters and Saturday Morning Cartoons on loop and even breakfast cereal with rice milk for when they woke up.

Funny hearing a story about a girl who could have oh so used such a place :)
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foobaz: "We would talk about how we could solve all the world's problems by giving everyone at the UN a dose of MDMA."

Right? Like, I swear, that's like the MDMA equivalent of "The walls are melting" for acid.
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In much more recent Toronto rave news, Don Berns aka Dr Trance aka half of Destiny (along with Ryan Kruger aka OS/2) passed away this weekend. RIP.
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Link, sorry.
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If anyone still has this in recent activity, here's a history of The Guvernment (Toronto mega-club; closed recently to make way for what else? Condos) written by Denise Benson, a long time local and awesome DJ.
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