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After a year, The Philosophers' Mail (previously) has concluded its project. But fret not: it has been succeeded by The Book of Life, a continuously updated online book that "aims to be the curation of the best and most helpful ideas in the area of emotional life."
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One more article and then I'll start my homework.
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The article, "On the True Desires of the Rich" is pretty bad. It claims that the rich are ever-so-industrious, far moreso than ordinary people, because they just want to be loved (is that so wroooong?). There's no mention at all of the word "power."

Some folks like Bill Gates are obviously working hard to manage their image and legacies through philanthropy and public actions that influence social status. However, I have a hard time thinking that a person like Rupert Murdoch really gives a crap whether anyone thinks he's a sonofabitch. The Gateses are in the minority. The conclusion drawn in that article is that we should heap more praise and worship on the rich for noblesse oblige. Do these folks really think that the rich and powerful would prefer being given a humanitarian award over being an oligarch?

It's like another version of the canard that bullies are just jealous or need a friend.
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What they say that's true is obvious. What they say that's not obvious is false. They also seem to take a CBT view of the workplace. Employees don't act optimally because of mistaken beliefs.
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Thanks for the post; been reading the site for two hours. Wasn't in the mood to do my "light article skim followed by sneering and pithy comment" thing today, but I'm sure other MeFites will be only too glad to carry out that onerous duty.
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