Why I’m Giving Away the Game I Spent Two Years Making
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Mozilla's Darrin Henein writes about his decision to release his side project, the iOS game Lastronaut, completely free - no ads, no in-app purchases. He describes the game as "a love-letter to an industry". His co-creator is Stephan Leroux.
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Here's the thanks he'll get.

"What? No Android version? Bastard!"

So it goes *
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It's a fun little game and I look forward to reading his followup technical posts. I wonder if he will continue to tweak it. The weapons are unbalanced but I suspect that he's well aware of it (in my experience, flamethrower >> shotgun ~ heat-seeking missiles > laser >> raygun). My best so far is 2373 m.
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What? No FirefoxOS version? Fetchez la vache!
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It's an ode to 8 bit games and got itself listed as one of the games in this article claiming now is the currently the golden age of indie game art, along with Alto’s Adventure, Monument Valley and Two Dots.
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He wrote it for iOS?

What a waste of two years!
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Played it. It's fun and pretty.
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