Irish Women Writers
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A grand parade of terrific female Irish writers, put together by the Irish Times. Complete with poster (pdf) (an earlier version)
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Glad to see Marina Carr in there. Saw a production of her By the Bog of Cats in Minneapolis at the Guthrie (but produced by the wonderful Frank Theater), which retells the story of Medea with the character swapped out for an Irish Traveller. It was great, heartbreaking writing, and I'd like to see a lot more of her writing get produced in America.
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In college I got exposed to writers of the Dublin Renaissance, but many of these names are new to me, and the quotes on this poster make me want to head to the library right now.
"There are so few people given us to love. I want to tell my daughters this, that each time you fall in love it is important, even at nineteen. Especially at nineteen."
- Ann Enright
Oh, this is wonderful! I have a daughter getting close to that age, and I hope I have the courage to say this to her, instead of trying to protect her heart by warning her to be "careful" about love.
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This is awesome. And obligatory A House link :)
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