("bona fide" and "coincide" is particularly impressive)
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"Cruel To Be Kind" Official video | Behind the Scenes: Nick Lowe's "Cruel To Be Kind" video | Top of the Pops - 1979 | Countdown - 1979 | Interview with David Letterman | Take 40 Australia - acoustic version | Dig Music, Untidy desk - acoustic version

Song review by Stuart Mason at All Music Guide...
Nick Lowe's sole American hit single -- it hit number 12 in the summer of 1979 -- "Cruel To Be Kind" is an all-time power-pop classic, one of the finest singles of its era. This is one of those songs where seemingly everything single element of the tune and arrangement is its own hook, from Billy Bremner's galloping acoustic rhythm guitar and the strange extra flutter in every other measure of Terry Williams' backbeat to the Beach Boys-inspired backing vocals on the perfectly modulated bridge into Dave Edmund's slide guitar solo. The song, co-written by former Brinsley Schwartz bandmate Ian Gomm and originally recorded by that star-crossed band, is a masterful blend of clever rhymes ("bona fide" and "coincide" is particularly impressive) and perhaps Lowe's most insistently catchy chorus, but this remake is world's better than the comparatively shambolic original. The song was helped by a goofily endearing early music video that incorporated real home movie footage of Lowe's wedding to country singer Carlene Carter.
Wikipedia has background information:
"Cruel To Be Kind" was released on the Radar Records label in the UK and Columbia Records in the USA. It was originally featured on Lowe's second solo album Labour of Lust. The video to the song was one of the first music videos aired on MTV, and is a humorous re-enactment of Lowe's wedding to Carlene Carter, featuring Carter herself and Dave Edmunds as their limo driver. This version of the song has been included in many compilations of Lowe’s work..." (see link for rest of article)
Previously: "The Way They Were", Mavis Staples, Nick Lowe, and Wilco - "The Weight", Top Videos from MTV's First Day
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Rosanne Cash in white in an easy chair: 1:24 and 1:33 in the Behind the Scenes.
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Nice! This song's been running through my head lately thanks to a rather convoluted path: Parks & Rec ending --> binging & remembering Ben and his Letters to Cleo shirt --> Hey, Letters to Cleo is in 10 Things I Hate About You, which is on HBO Go at the moment --> and their cover of Cruel to be Kind plays at one point --> I dig out a compilation CD which I bought in college which had Nick Lowe's version on it. And until now I didn't know that his version was also a cover.
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I love cheap weddings, and even cheaper music videos, and Rosanne Cash in an easy chair, and anything by Nick Lowe, so ...this.
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Cruel to be Kind
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Delightful, yet infuriating for the too-tight shot beside the black-painted pool of the legendary rock and roll Tropicana Motel (RIP). Pan, damn it, pan!
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Mr. Mason said it better, but this is just a perfect little song. I love it.
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Labour of Lust is one of those absolutely faultless records. Every song is at least very good, and "American Squirm", "You Make Me", and "Dose of You" are three of my very, very favorite songs. In truth, Cruel to be Kind is one of the weaker tracks on the album, and it's still a lovely little ditty.

Jesus of Cool/Pure Pop For Now People gets all the attention, but Labour of Lust is the real stunner.
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Listened to it again for the first time in a while. I thought, "what a great song. It's Beatles-quality. How had I never realized what a good pop song this was?"

Good post!
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I love all of the Nick Lowe/Dave Edmunds/Rockpile stuff. It greatly deserves more attention.
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2007 version for the Beeb.
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Thanks for this post! I've been listening to a lot of Nick Lowe lately - seriously how great is "Half a Boy and Half a Man"? Or "I Knew the Bride"? Or "Heart of the City"? But yes, "Cruel to be Kind" is like the platonic ideal of the perfect pop song. Its amazingness can scarcely be quantified.
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Yeah, this song is definitely one of the underrated gems. Just about perfect in every way, from the evocation of 50s and Brill Building pop to the crisp production. Dave Edmunds' "Information" is another completely forgotten and super-perfect gleaming pop gem.
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His last couple of records are really good, although very different from this - they are mellow and a little countryfied

Check out this Johhny Rivers cover
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I had the great fortune to see Nick Lowe and Rockpile back in '78. They were one of the warmup acts for Elvis Costello at Indy's Circle Theater. Fantastic stuff. Just damned good rock-n-roll, with some really sly smarts.

I have four Lowes tunes in rotation on my iPod. CTBK, of course. Also, I Knew the Bride, Music for Money, and the lovely and charming Marie Provost.
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The summer of 1979 and I'm working at an amusement park. On breaks, I'd often play pinball in the attached arcade. My memory of this song playing while I worked the flippers is warm and distinct. One of those perfect little moments.
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I love old Nick Lowe and Dave Edmonds stuff.
This song, Endless Sleep has gotta be my favorite Nick Lowe songs and possibly one of the saddest songs ever.
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I've just been getting into Nick Lowe lately and I think no post would be complete without his not one but two Bay City Rollers "tributes".
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Forgot to add...For about three or four years, I helped run the scoreboard at my daughter's high school softball games. Part of my job was to also play a bit of music between team at-bats. If our team happened to have a particularly productive inning (like, bombing the opposing pitcher for a handful of runs, for example) my go-to tune was Cruel to be Kind.
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2007 version for the Beeb

It's too bad that his voice became quite faint over the course of the intervening 28 years. Great song though.
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I had the great fortune to see Nick Lowe and Rockpile back in '78. They were one of the warmup acts for Elvis Costello at Indy's Circle Theater. Fantastic stuff.

I was there too! And in '79 when Rockpile opened for Blondie at the Convention Center.
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>High-fives in278s. Will buy a beer anytime.
That '78 show is easily in my top 5 all-time.
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Nick Lowe really should be as well-known and appreciated as Elvis Costello.
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In addition to Cruel to be Kind, All Men Are Liars and So It Goes must be some of the greatest songs ever written. IMO.
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Anyone in need of even more Lowe should rush to listen to the "super group" Little Village (Hiatt! Keltner! Cooder! Lowe!), who performed his excellent "Fool Who Knows." The same personnel are featured on John Hiatt's album Bring the Family.
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CONFESSION TIME: I thought Cruel To Be Kind was an Elvis Costello song until literally just now
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Speaking of Ian Gomm - hold on, here's another lovely pop gem.
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We really should put together a sort of "MeFi's list of perfect pop songs". I'm a sucker for really well-crafted pop songs. They're such delicious ear candy. I have a ton of guilty little pleasures on my iPod.
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It is a shame that Nick's appearance on Austin City Limits is not available online.

It's too bad that his voice became quite faint over the course of the intervening 28 years.

That is the mature voice of an artist who knows he does not need to scream to be heard.

Anyway, for more Nick Lowe wedding action, I love the video for I Knew The Bride. It actually manages to exceed the sheer mayhem of the Cruel to Be Kind video.

One of my favorite vinyl records is a short EP called The Beverly Brothers. Just a few years ago, I was astonished to discover there were more songs recorded at that session, and one of the best is this very eccentric performance of I Knew The Bride.
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Rockville, "Crawling From the Wreckage" live 1980. Similar to the version from the Concert for the People of Kampuchea but you can see the band perform in this one.
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Charlie don't surf: Thanks so much for that! And for the bonus songs Blue Moon of Kentucky and The Race Is On.
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I also saw Rockpile and Blondie on their 1979 tour, but at the Masonic Temple in Detroit. Great show !
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Oh damn this is good: Rockpile 30 minute performance on Danish TV 1979.
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Nobody's mentioned "What's so funny about peace, love and understanding" yet. For shame. That and "Girls Talk" are my faves.
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I Don't Want The Night To End has been my earworm for the past couple weeks. It's so simple yet it doesn't need anything else.
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When I was a kid, whenever this song would play on the radio or MTV, I'd drop everything. That hook made me just wait for it. I still get some sort of thrill when the chorus builds up to it. I have to sing along with that part. Eeeee, here it comes again....


I can't stop myself. It's hard-wired into me now. Thanks for linking to the video, I forgot how goofy and sincere it was.
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A few years back Nick Lowe said in an interview the main reason he's able to afford making music long after his career peak was his publishing royalties for '(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding' on 'The Bodyguard' movie soundtrack, which sold ~45 million copies.
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Nick Lowe is fully awesome. Nice post, thanks for bringing it.
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Also, Nick Lowe's cover of the John Hiatt song She Don't Love Nobody is excellent.
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Weird. Listened to this song tonight on the way home. I wasn't really aware of his stuff as a teen but bought his greatest hits a year or so prior to his recent Mod Club appearance in Toronto. One of the best concerts I've ever been to and Cruel to be Kind was way more of a stand out than I'd expected it to be.
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Great to see all the love and support for Nick, Dave, Billy and Terry -- Rockpile is my all-time favorite band.
I love the quote that some critic came up with (Sorry I don't remember who) -- "Rockpile is fuelled by the same energy source as the punks but they can play rings around them." That's spot-on, IMHO.

Thought some of you might be interested in checking out the following Pile-related audio interviews I've produced:


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I did not know Nick Lowe wrote (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love and Understanding until this thread.

(But I watch that Mavis Staples/Wilco video at least a couple times a month)
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