Inherent vice, memory, and glass bead disease
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Twenty One Dresses for the early Twentieth Century. The New Yorker looks at a recently discovered cache of dresses from Callot Soeurs, a woman-owned French Haute Couture house.
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Fascinating, thanks for the post. Such beauty and craft. And I know it wasn't made by Callot Soeurs but the shoe! God I want to marry the shoe.
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Thanks for posting this. It's pretty far off from what I'd normally read, but it was well-written/evocative and made me interested in seeing more. The first semi-reasonable image source that came to mind was Pinterest.
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Wow. I knew Vionnet had worked with them, but had no idea of the Callot sisters' influence on her:
“Without the example of the Callot Soeurs,” Vionnet said, “I would have continued to make Fords. It is because of them that I have been able to make Rolls-Royces.”
Wonderful article!
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I want more pictures! These are so beautiful, yes, those shoes, and I am not much of a shoe person. They remind me of the fashions on "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" an Australian show shown on public TV here. Every outfit is an elegant treat.
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Lovely article, I especially like the end bit about the fabric degradation problems.
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Very cool. And it's strange that Callot Soeurs has gotten so little attention from fashion historians. Maybe that will change now.
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Moar. Dresses!

I am decidedly not a haut couture person--I usually think most of it is ugly. But these are exquisite. Mmmmm, the colors, the design. Moar, please!
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I confess to a weakness for fashion plates. I invested in one from a classic ladies journal of the Regency era, which I found by random chance in a rural Yorkshire country fair.
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I love Regency and Georgian fashion plates. They tend to contradict the grandly skirted and jewel toned gowns that feature on the covers of those novels, so it's nice to have a view of what the fashion of the era actually looked like, not what it looks like through the eyes of a modern cover designer.
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That Pinterest board! I weep.
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