Bradley Ellison and the Homies, picking the pockets of little kiddies
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Bradley Ellison, a.k.a. Sugarman, is "one of coin-op's most colorful characters." Vice profiled Ellison on his vending machine empire (also on YouTube, both with NSFW language) and his most lucrative toys, Homies, which he brought to the East Coast from David Gonzales' Los Angeles-based line of miniature figures. In 2003, New York Times profiled the minifigs, which Ellison credits for the downfall of his main moneymaker. But Ellison keeps plugging on, and Homies are still around (warning: auto-playing music).
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oh, I love homies! my favorite is the delivery man wheeling in boxes.

boxes full of "homies".
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I had a whole shelf of Homies, mostly picked up while waiting for food at taquerias in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood. But alas they were all stolen by a mischievous boy who pocketed them while his father was in my apt looking at a bike for sale. All I have left us the crabby grandpa in a chair. But I guess they went to a more deserving, if thieving, person.
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I have all the early Homies still. They are the right size to be in little Lego cars!
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Thanks for this. I hadn't even realized I wanted to know more about this series.
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