The Epic Story of Orson Welles’s Unfinished Masterpiece
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The Other Side of the Wind was going to be Orson Welles’s comeback, perhaps even topping Citizen Kane—but to this day, it remains unfinished (though that may change soon). In an adaptation from a new book about the 45-year struggle to make the film, Josh Karp reveals why Welles’s last movie is the stuff of legend.(via)
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This is really fascinating. Welles was doing reality, albeit combining documentary with fiction, before the heyday. I wonder if the public and fans will ever see footage?
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Apparently enfant terrible is not an easy career path...
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That article is worth it just for the story about how Wells met Hemingway. Take away the modern particulars of the situation and it feels like a story out of the Odyssey or similar mythos. Seventy-eight years after the event, perhaps that version of their meeting has become mythologized a bit.
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Jeez. Lesser filmmakers are lucky to have one unfinished masterpiece. Welles has, what, seven or eight?
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Maybe the other side of the wind is the part that is breaking it.
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great article, thanks.
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