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Have you been looking for a live, daily, marine-themed call-in show where the fish compete and the callers have questionable judgment? Tune into FishCenter Live weekdays at 4PM EST, with continuous replays until the next episode. Warning: very NSFC (not safe for crawfish).

Premiering late last year on, with occasional appearances on the television network, FishCenter Live is a show where fish play games to be crowned weekly King of the Tank and some very unlucky crawfish on Death Row wait to be introduced to the tank in a variety of sadistic means. Want to get caught up on the action? There are many highlights and bonus videos on the FishCenter Facebook page and some fan-recorded episodes on Youtube (as of now there's no way to watch old episodes). You should also watch the official weekly recaps:


It's not all bad for the crawfish.
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the very best sort of online content is the kind you didn't realize your life was sadly lacking until it was triumphantly presented to you. therefore this post is the best post.
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This disrespectful shit is best of the web? Seriously?
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Remember when people used to be ashamed of torturing animals? Instead of broadcasting it?
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Metafilter: promoting only the most tasteful and respectful treatment of feeder crawfish since 2015.
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Their treatment of crawfish is exactly as cruel as nature itself.

The eel at least has the decency to rip it to shreds while eating it. The native freshwater consumers of crawfish swallow them whole, and digest them while still alive.

That said, this is pretty great.
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