So austere, so sexy
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Heartbreak, grief, the crushing reality of unrealized dreams, life's joyous moments, and coming to terms with it all. Just a Honeybucket, trying to get by: The Adventures of Honeybucket.
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Oh my lord, this is so dumb and so freaking funny. I will never look at a Honey Bucket the same way. Who knew they were such wistful, sensitive souls?
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Oh, this is horribly funny.
posted by Joe in Australia at 3:19 AM on May 9, 2015

And here I am again, thought Honeybucket, as he awoke with a pounding hangover. Another binge, another lost weekend, another humiliating fall while blackout drunk on too many appletinis. Was this even his neighborhood?
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I met the guy who helped start this at my favorite coffee place. My big regret was giving away my Honeybucket hat, I kept al all times. But sometimes if a hat gets on a certain head for even a moment, then it has a new owner. Helloooo HB!
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